Mountains and beaches on the Sunshine Coast

After leaving Peachester, Cecile and I drove through several small towns nestled up in the hills of the sunshine coast, stopping for a fantastic lunch, I had a delicious arugula (rocket) and lettuce salad with artisan blue cheese, walnuts and figs with a balsamic dressing. YUM!IMG_6376

The rolling green hills we drove through were lovely,P1020307 P1020310

and the beaches- spectacular sunshine coast P1020326 P1020342
with amazing rock formations on the shore.

such beautiful design inspiration here!

I love looking in tide pools and finding things like anenomeanenome
and shellsP1020341

and look at this really cool tree. P1020322
More Brisbane adventures coming up with a two day acrylic inks workshop with the Queensland Quilt Guild.

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