Our trip to Kuranda village

On our second day in Cairns, Cecile and I took the skyrail up the mountain over the rainforest to the village of Kuranda. The skyrail makes several stops on the way for short walks through the rainforest where I saw magnificent trees with roots growing above ground with multicolored bark and stunning vistas.tree
tree 2 kuranda 3 kuranda 2flowers pink flowers jungle walk tree 3A bird I saw several times while on walks through forested areas was the bush turkey. It’s a large bird that wanders along pecking on the ground for insects and seeds with a flat tail that fans out sideways, showing no sign of fear of nearby people and builds large mounds of debris that will compost to create heat for nests. bush turkey


We walked through the markets in Kuranda, where you can buy Australian tourist items, Aboriginal arts, and novelties like cane toad purses.cane toad purses

We stopped for lunch in an outdoor café where we had some exciting visitors join us.lizard

Obviously these 2-3 foot lizards, known as the Eastern Water Dragon, are used to being around people, since they casually wandered between  tables looking for snacks. lizard1 lizards


After lunch we went to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary filled with many native butterfliesbutterfly 1 butterfly 2

butterfly 3  butterfly 4
butterfly 5butterfly 6We tried in vain to capture photos of the green Cairns birdwing butterfly and the blue Ulysses butterfly but the two most vibrant and beautiful butterflies never stopped long enough to get a good photo.Ulysses butterfly

At the end of the day, we took the train back down the mountain.IMG_6234 IMG_6236

which felt like we stepped into the past.kuranda train car

The railway for this vintage train with lovely wood cars was completed in 1891.kuranda train track waterfall

The views were spectacular.

12 Responses to “Our trip to Kuranda village”

  1. Susan says:

    What a fun post! I’m thinking we may see some lizards in your future work!? I just can’t imagine having them walk around my feet while I’m lunching but I love them!

  2. Jan Bartlett says:

    Thank you for sharing these very informative photos…such a great experience. So thrilled for you and your travels.

  3. Love the photos – takes me back to my trip there last year. Just stunning forest with great texture and provides inspiration.

  4. Crystal says:

    Beautiful pics. I’ve never been to Australia but would like to go. Some pics remind me of places I have been though, and made a warm feeling inside.

  5. What a wonderful, event filled trip you had. I’m enjoying the travelog installments.

  6. You are probably doing more for Australian tourism than our highly paid tourist boards! Thank you Judy. When are you coming to Perth?

    • Hi Margaret,

      Glad to be of service! 🙂 I had such a great time, I should be careful about how much I rave about AU though, there may be a sudden onslaught of immigration from the states, lol. I would love to come to Perth, maybe I’ll get out that way on a trip back to AU one day. 🙂

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