Surviving the Runway 60’s style “The Movie”

For those of you who have never made it to International Quilt Festival, here’s your chance to see what you are missing Saturday night in Make it University, and for those of you who have, enjoy and see you in Houston!

Part 1 Feeling groovy

Part 2 I got you babe

Part 3 The Winners!

Thanks Nina for being a great videographer!

5 Responses to “Surviving the Runway 60’s style “The Movie””

  1. LOL great videos, thanks for posting them. Looks like so much fun! I’ll be at the Houston show, first-timer… I can’t wait. 😀

  2. Pokey Bolton says:

    I am laughing so hard–great vid, Judy…and I just noticed something… THANK YOU for editing out the name of my high school crush that I wanted to sing “I’ve Got You Babe” with!!

  3. your secrets safe with us Pokey!

  4. Carol Wiebe says:

    Oh my gosh! I have GOT to get out to one of these festivals. You are my kind of women, wild and crazy and you don’t give a HOOT what anyone else thinks of your antics! (Of course it helps that you are all doing it together.)

    At my last teacher evaluation my principal noted that I was “just a big kid” when I was sharing stories, poems and songs with my kindergarten students. I’m not sure if that was a compliment or a warning, but I’m still teaching!

    Thanks for sharing these, Judy. A good guffaw is a great way to start the day.

  5. Carol, you really do need to go to festival sometime, it is sooo much fun and Surviving the Runway is icing on the cake.

    In Houston it really draws a huge crowd of onlookers, who have just as much or more fun watching and cheering everyone on as the people participating.

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