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From the Black Forest to Mainz -part 3

We loved our time in Ettlingen, Germany during my exhibit at Nadelweldt. Each morning and evening, we walked through this lovely village, passing by the stream, and across a park to get the bus to Karlsruhe where the convention was held. Every afternoon we saw people sitting at the cafe next to the park eating […]

Judy’s European adventure- part 1

Phil and I had an amazing trip. I’m so glad I had him along to travel with, not only to help with my 2 fifty pound suitcases, but also to help with language. I can communicate to some degree in Spanish, but German is completely beyond me. It took us 22 hours from the time […]

Road trip to historic gold mining town Charters Towers

Before leaving Townsville, Cecile and I drove 85 miles inland to Charters Towers, past croc infested waters on long stretches of road littered with a significant amount of kangaroo and wallaby road kill (which I didn’t photograph) past fields and cow pastures strewn with large termite mounds before we arrived at the 140 year old […]

Townsville Stitches and Craft Show

Cecile and I drove 215 miles from Cairns to Townsville to set up for the Stitches and Craft show. There were signs for Emu’s and Koala’s every now and then. Much of the drive looked like this with small towns every so often and a lot of land in between. Australia also has a thing for […]

My day off in Sydney

Now that the hustle and bustle of hosting Thanksgiving at my home in Sacramento with my kids, parents, boyfriend and ex! is over and a success to boot (Thanksgiving video composed by Indigo), I want to get back to sharing my Australia trip. While I was teaching in Sydney, I had one day free to […]

These boots were made for walkin…

I’m a barefoot kinda gal, but when I have to put something on my feet these boots are it. They’ve been my walking shoes for the last several years taking me all over the place. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic on the beautiful old glass block sidewalk drainage covers that are all over downtown […]