Townsville Stitches and Craft Show

IMG_6239Cecile and I drove 215 miles from Cairns to Townsville to set up for the Stitches and Craft show.

There were signs for Emu’s and Koala’s every now and then.

Much of the drive looked like this with small towns every so often and a lot of land in between.

Australia also has a thing for big road side ‘art’, it reminds me of the road side attractions that were common here in the states in the 1940’s and 50’s.



Townsville is on the northeast coast of Australia and has an interesting mix of architecture from the victorian era and the 1960’s.IMG_6250

P1020050 copy
P1020059 copy

P1020060 copy

P1020066 copy

How could I not love a town that has a huge spider spanning one of the main streets?IMG_6290 copy

The convention center was our destination to set up our booths for the showIMG_6265 copy unique stitching IMG_6258

IMG_6277 copy

I loved sitting out by the water each day to eat my lunch and look over at this interestingly designed building at the ship yard across the river from the convention center.

At the show I spent the mornings demoing in my booth and the afternoons teaching short classes in metal, Tsukineko inks and painting in the Unique Stitching booth.metal tsukineko painting

So much fun and beautiful work by my students!

IMG_6257I also had my first taste of kangaroo! It was like very lean but very flavorful beef.  Evidently it’s one of the healthiest meats you can eat because of the low fat and high nutrient value, but you have to know the right way to cook it or it will be tough. This chef knew what he was doing, it was delicious.

Townsville has a high rock that people walk and jog up that overlooks the townP1020173
with wonderful viewing spots all around the top so you can take in this spectacular view. That’s Magnetic Island in the distance.Townsville AU
I love this rock wall with aboriginal designs in the parking lot at the top of the rock.
P1020184 copy Next up: a selection of work from STATE of the ART quilt 13, an exhibit from the Queensland Quilters’ 2qAq group exhibited at the Townsville Stitches and Craft show.

5 Responses to “Townsville Stitches and Craft Show”

  1. Regina Dunn says:

    Would’ve love to have gone. Townsville is special to me. I met my husband there in 1986 when I was there on a beginning of a big adventure. He was there on a 2 week vacation and then he quit his job to join me on my adventure. My heart still goes pitter patter hearing the name.

  2. I like your ideas and your artworks are nice

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