Yarn Dyeing

Yesterday I had a lovely day out at The Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St. Charles dyeing yarn. What a fabulous facility, kinda makes me wish I had moved out to the burbs to have easy access to this place. They have a whole room of looms, a pottery studio, a fantastic wet lab where we dyed yarn, a jewelry studio set up with sautering irons and torches for glass and more rooms for basketry and bookbinding. What a dream. Laura Wasilowski was so kind to give us her time and guidance to embark on this adventure. My friend April came along and we were joined by art quilter/knitter extraordinare Emily Parson and three of her knitting pals.

If I was a better blogger I would have thought to bring my camera and take pictures, but I was too focused on bringing my yarn and supplies for dyeing. Hopefully Laura will send me some pics that I can post. She always brings her camera everywhere to document things. I noticed Melody, Laura, Freida and Emily are so good about this.

Just after I posted this, I checked my email and Laura had sent me this picture of April and I rinsing out our yarn.

2 Responses to “Yarn Dyeing”

  1. Emily says:

    That yarn looks so scrumptious, I could eat it! It was great to see you and meet April! I am still rinsing out that dark purple yarn, I’ve been back and forth at the washing machine all day. I can’t wait for my stuff to dry and see what I have.

  2. Cindra says:

    I love the center in St. Charles. My sister in law lives in Geneva and I have always told her how jealous I am of her because she lives so close to everything!!! If I lived closer I know I would learn how to weave. Isn’t it wonderful???

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