3 pieces going to festival in Houston this fall


Pink Bird

I’m very excited to have two pieces accepted into the International Quilt Festival World of Beauty competition in Houston this fall.

Little Blue Teabird_full

Little Blue Teabird

I haven’t entered this part of the show in about 6 years, before my life imploded. Since that time, I only managed to do about one quilt a year that was cathartic in nature, that I usually entered into the Dinner@8 exhibits.

I feel like this is kind of a turning point for me of sorts. I’m feeling the urge to create more often, which is a really good thing, although the work isn’t as emotionally driven or symbolically meaningful, but maybe that’s ok too.

I also managed to get a quilt made in time to enter the Dinner@8 exhibit: Affinity that will premiere at IQF Houston, and I’m thrilled my piece was accepted since it is so different from other things I’ve done. It’s called Crepuscular Flash

Crepuscular Flash

Crepuscular Flash

It’s hard not to be influenced by the beautiful skies at sunset here and want to try and capture a little bit of that golden twilight glow. I was so surprised to learn while I was in Brisbane Australia, that they don’t experience twilight like we do.  Because of their proximity to the equator the sun just goes down fast without that extended period of magical crepuscular light that can slowly transition through an amazing range of color.

Between the blue and red/orange there is a crisply painted thin stripe of gold metallic paint on the ‘horizon’ that represents the flash of light that sometimes occurs as the sun drops below the horizon over the ocean.


I hit the road for Modesto today to teach a 2 day acrylic inks workshop with a private group of 11 students. This is one of my favorite kinds of teaching gigs. and since I already know a couple of the students, I know its going to be a lot of fun.  🙂

22 Responses to “3 pieces going to festival in Houston this fall”

  1. ssiefkin says:

    Congratulations Judy…and your new piece is spectacular! So excited to work with you tomorrow. Sue Siefkin

  2. Schatzi says:

    Whoo-hoo! Congrats on your work being selected for Houston. Love the new piece!!

  3. Clare Hunter says:

    you know I’m crazy for that blue bird! The new piece seems simple but it’s intriguing you can’t look away! Good Luck!!

  4. Judy Hoffman says:

    Your work is beautiful; good luck in Houston!

  5. 3 gorgeous pieces, have fun teachingy

  6. Maureen Ashlock in Nixa, MO says:

    Modesto moved there when I was 13 and graduated HS there. Still have a brother living there. Was there visiting in Aug of 2013 as I went to 50th college and Nursing school reunion in Stockton. It has really grown. Have a good time.

  7. pwalters22 says:

    Congrats! Wonderful news!

  8. M.R.Beat says:

    I am wishing you an acknowledgement of your talent for the quilts you are entering in shows during the fall. Your work is truly impressive!

  9. Although you say these pieces aren’t as symbolically meaningful as past pieces, Little Blue Teabird has so many images in it that it may actually have hidden meanings you didn’t realize at first. All three of these art pieces are very beautiful! Congratulations.

    • thanks Regina.

      You’re right, that’s very true. I think there are personal emotions embedded in each piece and because they are of a more tranquil nature they aren’t as obvious in their expression as work I’ve made over the last several years.

  10. Ana says:

    Hi Judy,
    Congratulations on your three pieces going to Houston. How exciting! I love the new piece … the colors are amazing!

    I will miss seeing you there this year. I hope your classes are a great success! Keep in touch if you have a minute. I’d love to hear from you.

    Best regards,

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