Does color intimidate you?

Do you find yourself choosing the same ‘tried and true’ color combinations over and over? Do you want to consistently dye bright saturated colors and muted colors when you want to? Can you recognize the difference between warm and cool colors and understand why you would choose one over the other to mix exactly the color you want? 

Join me Friday, July 27 to learn the answers to these and many more questions about Color Theory in sunny Long Beach at International Quilt Festival.

Reading about color is valuable and arranging swatches of fabric into color combinations is helpful, but it doesn’t show the different hues that make up a specific color and explain why one swatch combination will look so much better than another that is only slightly different

I believe the best way to really understand color is by mixing paint and witnessing what happens as the two colors interact. This is the process it takes to train your eye so choosing color ultimately becomes second nature.
This is a fun, relaxing and informative day, guaranteed to give you more confidence working with color.

I hope to see you in sunny Long beach!

3 Responses to “Does color intimidate you?”

  1. susan says:

    I would love to come, but it needs to be sunny Long Beach, Long Island, New York. Is that the Long Beach you will be in?

    Susan from Brooklyn

  2. susan says:

    oh dear, just clicked on the link to the international quilt festival. Wrong Long Beach for me, just a few thousand miles away. So disappointed.

  3. So sorry Susan,

    but if you know of a group that would like to book me to teach in your Long Beach, I’ll be there! 🙂

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