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Where did September go?

Wow this month was so busy it feels like it’s over before it even started. I had two teaching gigs back to back so there was twice the amount of prep to do, and a trip to Berkeley to see my son Ty, . then a trip to San Luis Obispo to move Phils son […]

I’m so impressed!

In 5 days time, my 12 fabulous students made finished quilt tops starting with a bolt of white cotton fabric! A week ago I taught a week long Paint and Printapalooza workshop at the Woodland Ridge retreat, which is located in the town of Downsville, Wisconsin. The accommodations there are first class, with big bedrooms and […]

My teaching trip to Naples, Florida

I just got back from teaching at the Naples Quilters Guild. This guild goes up on the high list of wonderful places to teach, and credit goes to great programs organizers like Judy and Linda that make the job a whole lot easier, and a lot more fun. My first class was Paint and Printapalooza […]

I had to bury myself in the studio last week

To put it bluntly the last week or two have been hell. Between the GOP gift to the wealthy tax bill and their endorsement of child molester/sexual predator Roy Moore for US Senate, I just can’t stand seeing what’s happening and feeling so helpless to stop any of it. Everyone I know is calling, writing, […]

SLO Creating

Do you feel like life is moving too fast? I know I do. I propose we all do some slow-creating, kind of like pro-creating, or giving birth to artful things on a slow, but regular, basis. A true labor love. A way of being. This weekend, I was able to do some   SLO-creating in San Luis […]

Paint & Print-a-palooza at Craft Napa

I was so excited to teach my new Paint & Print-a-palooza class at Craft Napa. It is a take off of my 10+ Techniques with acrylic inks class with a focus on creating colorful patterned fabrics that can be used for piecing, appliqué or any way that you enjoy working with unique and original textiles. This is a […]